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About us
There is a lack of financial literacy and wealth management knowledge in the world today. At Maple, our mission is to change that. We have set out to help people across Australia achieve the lifestyle they work so hard for. Through detailed education, tailored investment strategies, expert brokerage, and statistic-based property selections, we have helped hundreds of individuals achieve their financial goals.

We are currently among Australia’s fastest growing wealth management companies. Achieving success through strict adherence to our company values of loyalty, passion, authenticity, pursuit of excellence and integrity. When you choose Maple, you choose to captain your own ship, with experts guiding the way to your financial destinations.
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Why Choose Us?

Long term relationship

We are in it for the long run. We look at your long-term goals and build strategies for you built upon those foundations. We structure our company so as our goals are aligned with yours and that way, when we win, so do you.

We have walked the talk

We have experienced investors on our team who have firsthand knowledge of the ins and outs of real estate investing.

Integrated service offering

We offer a broad range of services which allows our departments to maintain excellent communication facilitating optimal strategic development and investment endeavours. This streamlines processes, resulting in industry leading efficiency and results.

Don’t take our word for it - 4.9/5 star Google reviews

When it comes to Investing in property and finances, there is a lot of noise in the industry and a lot of room for error if you listen to the wrong people. These are massive decisions, which makes it integral to trust the people you are working with. Don’t just believe us, see for your self through our reviews and testimonials.
Local experts
Our team are Australia based and born and raised in the very markets that they research, analyse and recommend for investments.
We go the extra mile

There is no task to big or out of our depth. We analyse your situation and your goals, and we do what it takes to turn your goals into a plan and then into a reality.

The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself
We recognise that our knowledge and experience can create massive change to people’s lives and do not take this responsibility lightly. We feel it is our prerogative to spread this information and educate people like you so you can take control of your financial future. We do this through detailed 1 on 1 education sessions prior to the strategy development.
Our Team

Beau Arfi

Founder & CEO

Beau’s investment journey began when he purchased his first property at 20 years old. That property allowed him to duplicate and fast track his portfolio growth. Beau considers himself number obsessed and loves scrolling realestate.com for hours on end. He considers his experience as an Aussie broker at some of the largest companies in the industry one of his greatest learnings.These companies gave him tangible experience that have allowed him to propel forward, taking what he’s learnt and making it his own.  Beau is a licensed estate agent and has completed a high level of mortgage broking studies. Beau values that Maple’s point of difference is educating and empowering, rather than simply telling – He applies the same principles to his clients portfolios as he does his own which has enabled Maple to be one of the leading and fastest growing property investment companies in the country.

Morgan Kouts

Operations Manager

Specialising in investment strategy, economics, and property selection, Morgan has been an integral part of Maple Group for over 2 years. Morgan is passionate about helping investors increase their financial literacy and confidence, he does so by educating and supporting his clients to ensure they achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. Morgan has a portfolio of 2 properties, and values being able to help people succeed.

Logan Burden

Senior Property Consultant

Logan brings a level of intuition and understanding to Maple Group, he prides himself on being able to understand someone’s situation and goals which enables him to workshop those goals into a reality. Logan has been with Maple Group for over 12 months. When he’s not working on turning goals into reality, you’re likely to find him somewhere in the bush. Whether it’s hiking on a mountain, or trailing a river in the forest, nature is where Logan goes to relax.

Will Miles

Mortgage Planner

Will has been with Maple group for 12 months, and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to loan processing and assessing clients financial needs. He feels the most satisfied when he gets clients approved for their dream investments and homes and is a powerful advocate for his clients, ensuring their needs are met in a timely and thorough manner. When Will isn’t working he’s a dedicated sports fan, specifically passionate about football and basketball.

Jacob Arfi

Property Consultant

Jacob has an extensive and impressive professional history in property and finance, and has been with Maple Group for 2 years. In his downtime he’s an avid chess and soccer player, as well as being passionate about investing, whether it be in property or custom number plates. Knowledgeable and attentive, Jacob is the go-to guy when it comes to educating clients about investing with Maple, it’s likely you’ll have the pleasure of meeting with Jacob in an initial education session when you begin working with Maple Group.

Trent Macartney

Senior Property Consultant

Trent is a hard working individual with a passion for property. He started investing 11 years ago and has bought 9 properties. His portfolio now consists of long term investments and development sites to build new housing. Trent will be an asset to anyone’s property acquisition. 

Ella Casdorff

Social Media Strategist

Ella is Maple Property Group’s in house social media expert. Focusing mainly on TikTok, Ella is always filming shorts or planning future videos, whatever it takes to get on as many FYP’s as possible. Her considerable background knowledge in property and investing translates clearly to our 14.2K followers on TikTok.

Jakob Van Der Vliet

Mortgage Planner

Jakob is a passionate student of Business and Finance who is currently completing his CERTIV and has been with Maple Group for 6 months. In his spare time you’re likely to find Jakob competing in competitive soccer or studying hard to increase his knowledge on finance and business, making him a valuable asset to the Maple team. 

Analkazi Kansakar

Financial Coordinator

Anal holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Majoring in Finance, and a Masters in Financial Analysis, Majoring in Investment. He graduated from La Trobe University and has been with Maple Property Group for 1 year. Incredibly self driven, Anal is passionate about upskilling and regularly completes short courses online to improve and develop. Outside of work Anal enjoys analysing companies, trading stocks, playing FIFA, and working on his additional businesses.

Jim Afendakis

Senior Property Consultant

Jim started selling property over twenty years ago in Melbourne to investors and first home buyers alike. He has helped many investors begin their investment journey and create wealth through property. Jim always feels privileged knowing that people have entrusted him to provide guidance and mentorship, enabling them to build a property portfolio with confidence.

Simone Morihovitis

Head of Marketing

Simone is valued for her passionate mindset, and known for her knowledge on all things marketing and content creation. A quick thinking entrepreneurial mindset means she fits right in at Maple Property Group.

Bodhi Pearce

Client Finance Manager

Bodhi is a  student of economics and blockchain technology. He is  an avid learner in subjects ranging from personal finance & investing to human behavioural psychology. He is a Wim Hof Method enthusiast and his favourite place to relax is at the beach during cold weather.

Sharmeen Masood

Administration and HR Coordinator

Sharmeen has a masters degree in Human Resources. She manages HR & performs administrative duties at Maple. Attention to details and organizational skills are her strengths which make her an efficient and valuable member of the Maple Family.

Nayer Radly

Senior Property Consultant

With a background in Property Development together with varied industry experience, Nayer has a broad understanding of the property market. He has a sound knowledge of current market trends, sales, investing & relevant financial strategies which makes his expertise second to none. Nayer is a highly professional and approachable individual who has a demonstrated ability to build rapport and trust with clients and a genuine desire to help people achieve their desired goals in property.


Azem Ozcagli

Client Finance Manager

Azem has worked with our finance arm for 8 months and is involved in Client Services and document and loan support. Azem also worked on the Property arm of the business in 2020 and saw the company from its infancy into its current form. Azem has a bachelor of criminology and is a valued member of our business.

Luke Fornieri

Client Manager

Luke comes from a previous property experience including time spent in real estate as well as working for the largest Aus property data provider Core Logic. Luke brings a data & statistics strength to Maple and is a strong attribute to the company.

Stasi Evangelou

Client Finance Manager

Stasi has been with our company going on 8 months and comes from a taxation and accountancy background. Stasi has experience across multiple areas of finance and broking through past experience and is a valued member

Scott Baker - Maple Finance Partner

Liberty Adviser & Senior Mortgage Broker

Scott Baker has been one of the top brokers at Liberty over the past three years and has over 15 years experience in the industry. Scott is the broker who also sits on our panel of professionals and is involved in client support and borrowing capacities for clients pre purchase. Scott also works with Beau closely on property planning and strategic forecasting of which clients are able to continue purchasing and duplicating over the long term.

Chris Casha

Mortgage Consultant

Chris has been with Maple Group for close to 12 months, and his customer centric way of working means he’s the man you want on your team when looking to purchase your next investment. Analytically minded, Chris is passionate about all things finance, wealth creation, and investment strategies.

Eric Ly

Property Appraisals & Leasing Manager

Eric specialises in leasing, property management and property market analysis and is a great support to the data, statistics and metrics of which we implement here at Maple. Eric is involved in the rental guarantees and ensuring your property is leased as fast as possible with a top quality tenant.

Peter Kearney

Assistant Advisor

Peter is one of the first points of contact for new clients at Maple Property Group. He’s currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce /Law, and is incredibly passionate about property and investing. When he isn’t working you’re likely to find him listening to podcasts or reading a book about investing.

Mirna Kula

Senior Mortgage Consultant

Mirna’s ability to connect with clients and collegues alike has brought a high level of experience and personability to the team. Having worked for major lenders including Westpac prior to joining Maple Group, Mirna brings a wealth of expertise to the team. 


Property Manager

Samantha is a Senior property manager who works with us on rental appraisals and supports with the leasing and management of properties throughout Melbourne, including Melton City, Ballarat City, Geelong City as well northern suburbs such as Doreen, Sunbury, Donnybrook & Craigieburn.

Yanni Mallidis

Loan Processor

Yanni is a passionate student of Business Management and Economics and has been with Maple Group for 9 months. In his spare time you’re likely to find Yanni competing in competitive MMA training or studying hard to increase his knowledge on finance and business, making him a valuable asset to the Maple team. 

Trifon Stenos

Loan Processor

Trifon has been with Maple Group for 6 months. In that time he has grown his knowledge and expertise exponentially, making him a pleasure to have him assisting our Mortgage Consultants at Maple Property Group.

Finley Empson

Junior Associate

Finley is a passionate student of Property and Analytics who has been with Maple Group for 6 months. In his spare time you’re likely to find Finley enjoying camping, reading or studying hard to increase his knowledge on metrics and sourcing, making him a valuable asset to the Maple team. 

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