Maple maintains a strong place in the market and is continuing to grow with over 20% of business coming from word of mouth and repeat business.

Maple reaches a point where dozens of clients now have over 3 investment properties using the purchasing method implemented by Beau Arfi.

Maple Group then opens its scope of support services to move toward more of a one-stop solution to investors. A new office is again purchased, by this time Maple has over 250sqm of office space for staff and has helped over 500 purchases across the group.

The word spreads, Maple grows to over 200 investors without spending a cent on marketing or advertising, a new office HQ is purchased and the team grows to having 5 consultants.

Maple Property was born developed only for friends and family who wanted support with investment services. The first humble office was bought to life 17sqm in Melbourne, at the time is was Beau alone in the space working with a senior broker in the office who came in...