Welcome to our international

property investment service!

Welcome to our

international property investment

From luxury beachfront condos to high-yield rental properties, we have something to suit every investor’s needs and goals. Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your investment horizons and secure your financial future. Contact us today to learn more about our international property investment services.

Helping Property Investors Secure Their Future Wealth

Maple Property Group is one of the leading wealth management companies in Australia. We help property investors in Melbourne, Sydney and all of Australia to build passive incomes and secure their future wealth using the residential property.

With local teams of property advisors in Melbourne and Sydney, we not only find the right property for your portfolio, we also offer finance and mortgage broking, conveyancing and contract diligence, and property maintenance. We provide everything you need to start building your future wealth using residential property today!

The first step to taking control of your financial future is to share a call with our property strategist to discuss your requirements and develop a plan to build your portfolio. Contact us for an obligation-free consultation with one of our expert property advisors.

What is a property strategist and how can they help you?

A property strategist is a specialist consultant who helps property investors develop, implement and manage a plan that focuses on building a portfolio based on residential acquisitions. They are highly experienced individuals with an intense understanding of the current real estate market, as well as an innate ability to forecast future changes. In the challenging Melbourne and Sydney markets, our property advisors provide an invaluable service to our investment clients.

When you share a call with one of our talented strategists, you’ll begin by discussing how residential property can play a significant part in your long term financial goals. This exploratory session is followed by goal-setting sessions where we develop a plan to achieve your goals, as quickly as possible. Your plan will depend on your current financial situation, risk tolerance, age and goals.

With a plan that’s tailored to your unique needs, your property strategist will guide you through the selection and purchase of a residential property, whether it’s your first purchase or a new addition to your existing portfolio. As your portfolio grows, you’ll meet with your strategist to review your plan and portfolio in view of your changing goals and the current real estate market.

As your journey continues, your advisor will help to maximise your passive income and achieve your goals, whether that’s to purchase additional properties or sell to liquidate your assets.

Other Services

Finance & Mortgage Broking

Advertising early to reduce vacancy with property management help. Tenant selection and diligence support.

Conveyancing & Contract Diligence

Pre-purchase contract review for safety by contracts and conveyancers. Identification of potential risks.

Property Management

Senior brokers review finance structures, recommend best lender. No conflict of interest in choice.

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