Did you know that of the population less than half a percent own three or more investments?

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Property Finance

Based in Melbourne we have developed a national presence throughout Australia. Maple Property Co. has established a culture of excellence through a genuine accountability of results and long term welfare of our clients.

We can help you with…

Property Investment & Strategic Forecasting

Our selection criteria is based on over 21 key selection metrics which give weight and through statistically backed data as well as a hands on approach.

Conveyancing & Contract Diligence

Our contracts and conveyancers are responsible for reading the contract on your behalf pre purchase and ensure we are well covered and safe during our purchase. The conveyors role will inform of any potential risks associated and ensure all bases are covered.

Property Management

Our Finance Structures are reviewed by our senior brokers and panel members to ensure we are supporting you with the most appropriate lender for your situation. Our company works with over 21 lenders and has no conflicts in relation to choice of lender.

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