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Did you know that just 6.2% of the population in Australia own one investment property? That is 6 out of every 100 people. What’s more, when you look at how many Australians own three or more properties – the number is reduced by 14x to a staggering 0.43%. The reason behind this is multifaceted, but the most common reasons are that people make investing decisions without the correct research to back it up, or they take advice from the wrong people. Make sure you back your decisions with extensive research, the correct metrics and an in depth understanding of the economy and market trends.

1 in 2 Australians live pay check to pay check. This is due to the norms of wanting to live comfortably; eating out, buying the latest technology, travelling which results in nothing left over.

23% of Australians have no emergency savings. A survey reported that just over 1 in 5 Australians did not have the funds to cover a $500 emergency.

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Property Investment & Strategic Forecasting

Our selection criteria is based on over 21 key selection metrics as well as statistically backed data and analysis to empower our clients on their investing journey and to facilitate each individual client’s goals in an efficient and effective way.

Finance & Mortgage Broking

Our company works hand in hand with property management to ensure we are advertising as early as possible to reduce any vacancy periods as well as support with the tenant selection and dilIgence. Including but not limited to – Tenant document gathering (payslips & bank statements), reference checks, 3 years employment history and 3 years and tenant history.

Conveyancing & Contract Diligence

Our contracts and conveyancers are responsible for reading the contract on your behalf pre purchase and ensure we are well covered and safe during our purchase. The conveyancer’s role will be to review the contracts and discuss. This will bring to light any potential risks associated and make certain that all bases are covered from a legal standpoint.

Property Management

Our Finance Structures are reviewed by our senior brokers and panel members to ensure we are supporting you with the most appropriate lender for your situation. Our company works with over 21 lenders and has no conflicts in relation to choice of lender.

Since the first time I engaged with Maple I have learned so much about the property market and what is needed to succeed thanks to their personal approach to property investment.
I feel that that the team at maple is personally invested in wanting to make my dream a reality! this made it easy for Mr to contact them whenever I needed support or had any questions to ask them.
After a few meetings with Beau and Morgan I realised that property investment at this time makes a lot of sense. They guided me with expert property and financial advice which made it very easy and seamless to follow through with a reputable trusted builder once I purchased the land and sorted my finance. I have now signed all the contracts with both Maple and my builder and am so excited for the next venture with the team at Maple in the coming years!

Joseph B

Had a great experience with Beau, Morgan and the team at Maple Property Group buying an investment property. They made sure to understand my personal situation and tailor their services to suit my lifestyle and goals. The whole process is very educational and informative which inspires confidence in making decisions. Highly recommend to new & even experienced investors. Look forward to building my property portfolio with the Maple team in the future!

Athi S

Beau has been so dedicated and passionate throughout the entire process of purchasing my first investment. More importantly having the patients and kindness to thoroughly explain and breakdown the key processes and key points that come with the masses of information when purchasing an investment for a newbie like me. Being my first investment was quite daunting at first so having someone who was always open for a good chat and to educate when needed was a an amazing help. To which had made getting into the market space very enjoyable and exciting.
Pleasure working with you.

Charlie C

Beau is knowledgeable, kind and helpful towards his clients. Beau helped my partner and I secure our first investment property with ease. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our hard earned money! Nothing but positives to talk about in our dealings with the Maple Property Group. We can’t wait to continue on our journey with them. Thank you team!!

Amber S & Corey W

Highly recommend Maple for your property investment needs. Beau and the team are terrific, they will guide you through the entire process from education to purchasing and help you make informed decisions while looking out for your best interests. They have made the entire process very clear and smooth which gave me more confidence in purchasing a property rather than trying to do this myself.

Andrew W

Beau Arfi and Maple Property Group have helped me and are continuing to help me achieve my goal of being financially independent. Beau has been very generous with his time and expertise and is truly passionate about helping genuine people realise their own dreams of achieving financial freedom and passive incomes. Please do yourself the best financial favour you can do by speaking to MPG and see what all the hype is about

Daniel J

Maple Property has helped me buy two investments – Beau is someone who is always available and a person who goes the extra mile, throughout the process I never felt rushed, pressured or pulled in a particular direction to make a decision. For my first investment we decided an established property would be best as it would allow me to get the equity straight away. After we discussed my situation further we then decided for the second a new purchase would be best. Beau and the team were highly informative and so patience I really couldn’t recommend these guys any higher. These guys have your back and are an extremely rare breed in such an industry notorious for having a people only focused on the sale. It’s also worth noting I’ve recommended multiple people to these guys and intend on working with Beau well into the future. My mum Dimi is also working with the team and is very happy.

Chris M

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