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Maple Investment Group, a leading wealth management company in Australia, is dedicated to helping property investors in Melbourne, Sydney, and across the country build passive incomes and secure their future wealth using residential properties.

With local property advisor teams in Melbourne and Sydney, we offer comprehensive services including finance and mortgage broking & conveyancing and contract diligence. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to start building your future wealth through residential property today.

The first step towards taking control of your financial future is to schedule a call with our property strategist to discuss your requirements and develop a personalized plan for building your portfolio. Contact us now for an obligation-free consultation with one of our expert property advisors and unlock exclusive opportunities for property investment. Your future wealth starts here with Maple Investment Group.

Unlock the Potential of Property Investment with a Property Strategist at Maple Investment Group

Curious about property strategists and how they can assist you? At Maple Investment Group, our property strategists are specialized consultants, experienced in helping property investors build their portfolio of residential properties. They possess an intense understanding of the current real estate market and an innate ability to forecast future changes, making them invaluable to our investment clients in the challenging Melbourne and Sydney markets.

In a consultation with our talented property strategists, you’ll explore how residential property can play a significant role in achieving your long-term financial goals. You’ll begin with an exploratory session, followed by goal-setting sessions to develop an individual plan that aligns with your current financial situation, risk tolerance, age, and goals, with the aim of achieving your objectives as quickly as possible.

Working with a tailor-made plan, your property strategist will guide you through the selection and purchase of residential properties, including first purchases and new additions to your existing portfolio. As your portfolio grows, you’ll regularly meet with your strategist to review your plan and portfolio in view of your evolving goals and the ever-changing real estate market. Don’t miss out on the potential of property investment. Join Maple Investment Group today for exclusive opportunities and strategic guidance in Australia.

Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation.


What is your price to work with you?

Our fee is a one time membership fee of $399.00.

How do you make your money?

Our money is predominantly made from third parties although we do have a small membership fee depending on the level of support you require.

What is the minimum amount of savings we need to get started with Maple?

We would entertain working with someone who had over $25,000 in savings provided they possessed the right attitude and ability to be able to get into the market in 12 months. We understand ambition is the first step.

What are the strategies of property investment?

In reality, there are as many property investment strategies as there are goals, which is why selecting the right approach can be overwhelming for many people. Generally, however, most property investors in Sydney and Melbourne use one of the following three pathways to attain their financial goals.

Capital growth and negative gearing

This strategy focuses on holding a property for many years and relying on capital growth to increase your wealth. This is a long term strategy that involves buying in an area that will experience continual demand and steady growth over the next ten, twenty or more years. A capital growth strategy usually includes negative gearing because properties in desirable areas with long term growth prospects are expensive and the rent rarely covers the property’s expenses.

Cash flow and positive gearing

With a cash flow strategy your priority is maximising the rental income, rather than relying on capital gains to make money. It’s a positive gearing strategy because the costs of maintaining the property are more than covered by the rental income. The additional rental income allows property investors in Melbourne and Sydney to purchase more properties and expand their portfolio quickly. Capital growth, however, is slow because these properties are often located in less affluent areas with a strong rental demand.

Adding value and flipping

Renovating and flipping residential properties isn’t for the faint of heart and is often used when experienced property investors need to generate some quick cash. The key to this strategy is buying a property where you can add value, avoid over capitalising and sell quickly to realise a good profit.

What are some essential property investment tips?

If you’re new to investing, here’s 5 key tips from our experienced property advisors.

  1. If you have a low tolerance for risk, make sure that you have a mix of mortgaged and mortgage-free residential properties in your portfolio.

  2. If you’re focussing on cash flow and positive gearing, look for single family homes that are easy to rent and offer a good income.

  3. Property investors, whether new or established, can always benefit from the expertise of experienced property advisors.

  4. To successfully implement your wealth creation plan, always treat your property investments like a business.

  5. If there’s high competition for a property, but you don’t want to increase your bid, consider offering a larger deposit or a shorter settlement date to get it over the line.

Common mistakes when investing in property and how to avoid them

Many people dream of becoming successful property investors, however, they often fail because they make mistakes that could have been easily avoided. Here’s some of the most common property investment mistakes and how to avoid making them as you grow your portfolio.

You don’t have a clear end goal

If you don’t have clarity around your goals, you’ll likely falter at the first hurdle. So you need to understand your reasons for investing in property, which will shape your goals and then the strategy you’ll develop to achieve these goals.

You don’t have a strategy to achieve your goals

Even if you know exactly what you want to achieve and why, without a clear strategy, you are doomed to failure. Yes, you can spend years researching the topic, but it’s much more efficient to leverage the experience and knowledge of property advisors in Melbourne and Sydney than to try and do it all alone.

You procrastinate too much

Without a specialist property advisor on your team, you can spend all your time analysing the market and choosing properties without actually making any offers. That’s why the majority of investors team up with a wealth creation company because they need a coach to help them navigate the real estate market and achieve their goals in a timely manner.

What to look for in property advisors

To help you build a real estate investment portfolio you want a property strategist who has the experience, skills and ability to help you achieve your goals. You want an advisor who listens to your needs and is happy to explore a variety of different strategies to develop a plan that is perfectly tailored to your unique situation.

How do I start an investment property portfolio in Australia?

Call Maple Investment Group on 1300 039 376 or send us an email enquiry and ask us for an obligation free consultation with one of our talented property advisors. View our blog “How to invest in real estate in Australia? ” for more information.

How to find the best property strategist for your situation

The easiest way to find the best property strategist for your situation is call us at Maple Investment Group. You can speak to one of our experts and decide for yourself if we are a good fit. We love helping people achieve their financial goals using the real estate market!

4 Key benefits of investing in residential property

Many Australians invest in residential property, considering that they need at least one property to function as their nest egg. Given that there are many different ways to invest your money and generate additional income, why do so many investors focus on the real estate market?

  • Security: Real estate is a secure investment that’s more likely to increase in value over the long term, despite the well-known real estate cycles.
  • Leverage: You can leverage the bank’s money rather than using all your savings to purchase a single property, allowing you to buy a number of properties instead.
  • Tax: If the costs of maintaining a property are greater than the rental income, you can benefit from negative gearing to offset these costs.
  • Cash: Purchasing a property that realises a profit after all the expenses are covered is a positive gearing strategy that generates cash flow


Other Services

Finance & Mortgage Broking

Advertising early to reduce vacancy with property management help. Tenant selection and diligence support.

Conveyancing & Contract Diligence

Pre-purchase contract review for safety by contracts and conveyancers. Identification of potential risks.

Property Management

Senior brokers review finance structures, recommend best lender. No conflict of interest in choice.

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