If you’re new to investing in real estate then developing a portfolio can seem overwhelming and intimidating. Your best strategy is to contact a Property Investment Advisor in Sydney or Melbourne who can put together a team of experts to guide, support and manage your investments.

At Maple Property Group, our goal is to help everyday Aussies establish, grow and manage their property portfolios. We help you achieve your financial goals and accumulate the wealth you need for a secure future. Our expertise is focused on four key areas in property investing: Property Advice, Property Management, Conveyancing and Mortgage Broking.

1. Property Advice

With the long-term financial welfare of our clients as a priority, we help you create and manage an investment portfolio that’s tailored to your exact needs. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Property Investment Consultant who has the expertise to help you develop a strategy to successfully buy and sell residential property in Australia.

Our Property Advisors live and breathe property. They follow the market with a keen eye and possess an innate ability to correctly forecast future market moves. This makes their advice extremely valuable when it comes to buying and selling property in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as around Australia.

As a new investor, your Property Strategist will discuss your long-term goals, financial situation, risk tolerance and age. They’ll also ensure that you understand all the relevant real estate terminology and the process of buying and selling property in Australia. Together, you’ll explore a variety of popular strategies used to make money in property and develop a plan that suits your unique needs.

Selecting residential property

Not every property on the market will be suitable for your portfolio. Selection will be based on your goals, financial resources and the prevailing market. Your Property Advisor will help you decide which property is best for your portfolio, explaining their reasoning and how they expect the market to perform in the coming months.

Some of the factors your Advisor will consider include areas that are starting to show signs of growth, areas where rental demands are consistently high or where long-term capital gains are assured. Selection depends on your investment strategy, whether you want to create a passive income through rentals or focus on developments, capital growth or flipping properties.

Buying residential property

Once you’ve selected the best property for your portfolio, your Property Investment Advisor guides you through the buying process. They manage any negotiations, ensure your finances are in order, assist with building and pest inspections, and ensure that settlement takes place as stated in the sales contract.

Purchasing your first investment property can be both exciting and daunting, so it’s essential that you have the guidance of an experienced adviser who can guide you through the entire process. At Maple Property Group, our Property Strategists have the experience, expertise and skills to ensure that the buying process is both exciting and stress-free.

Investment plan reviews

As you build your portfolio, you’ll have regular meetings with your advisor to discuss your strategy. Changes to the market may cause you to alter your investment strategy, as may any changes within your personal life. For example, you may decide to retire early and want to increase your portfolio faster than initially predicted or you may need to sell one of your properties to fund a lifestyle change.

Your Property Advisor will help you decide the best actions to take, depending on the current and forecasted market, as well as your changing needs. That’s why you need regular meetings with your advisor who can respond quickly to your needs, ensuring that your portfolio perfectly reflects your goals.

Selling residential property

Whether as part of your investment strategy or due to changing circumstances, it’s likely you’ll want to sell one or more properties at some time in the future. Your Property Investment Consultant ensures that every sale proceeds to a successful conclusion, achieving the best possible price in the prevailing market.

2. Property Management

If your strategy is to purchase rental properties, then Maple Property Group also provides the expertise to manage these properties. We not only help you purchase properties with a high rental yield but we also look for properties that achieve significant capital growth in their own right. In addition, your Property Advisor will advertise for tenants, check references and help you select the best tenants for your properties. Expert Property Management is essential for the continual growth of your portfolio and you can rely on Maple Property Group to optimise all aspects of your portfolio.

3. Conveyancing & Contracts

We also provide conveyancing services and due diligence regarding the sales and buying processes. Our conveyancing experts review the contract of sale to ensure that the terms and conditions reflect your requirements, before signing. They also prepare all legal documents required for the sale or purchase, conduct all necessary title and property searches and check for any limitations, such as caveats and easements. Our conveyancers also confirm that all money has been paid and received and that the new owner’s name has been correctly altered on the title deeds.

4. Mortgage Broking

Maple Property Group provides the services of experienced mortgage brokers who have access to a large number of mortgage providers. Our brokers are experts at structuring finance for property investors and can help you find the best deal for your next purchase. They also keep on top of the mortgage market, comparing different lenders and packages and helping you refinance if a better deal is available elsewhere.

Helping you control your financial future through property investment

Maple Property Group specialises in helping everyday Aussies develop and manage property investment portfolios focused on creating financial wealth. Our Property Investment Advisors in Sydney and Melbourne can help you create a better future for your family, quickly and efficiently. Call Maple Property Group on 1300 039 376 or send us an email enquiry and ask us for an obligation-free consultation.