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Do you need a Property Investment Consultant in Melbourne or Sydney? Whilst many Aussies dream of owning an investment property, few actually take the plunge on their own.

Maybe it’s because they think property investments are too difficult? Maybe it’s because they worry about picking the right properties? Whatever the reason, we’re sad to say that many property investment dreams remain unfulfilled.

On the bright side, however, a Property Investment Advisor, can help you navigate the property market, build an investment portfolio and achieve your financial goals. At Maple Property Group, we guide you through the entire process, giving you plenty of options for building your portfolio.

So let’s take a look at the benefits of working with a Property Advisor and then check out some of your investment options – moving your dream of property investment one step closer to reality!

Benefits of a Property Investment Consultant

Whilst you can build your own property investment portfolio on your own, there are significant benefits to working with a Property Investment Consultant. That’s because your Property Advisor has years of experience working within the industry and has all the insider knowledge you need to get your portfolio off to a great start!

  • Insider knowledge: Your Property Advisor keeps you up-to-date with the market, giving you valuable insights into market trends and property news that may affect your investment strategy.
  • Competitively priced properties: The best way to find a competitively priced property with a good ROI is to work with an experienced Property Investment Consultant in Melbourne or Sydney. Many lucrative properties are snapped up by investors long before they reach the real estate agency’s window!
  • Strategic forecasting: Building a successful property portfolio doesn’t happen by accident – it takes careful planning. Our Property Strategist helps you plan for the future and achieve your financial goals safely.
  • Property management: Whilst you might want to own an investment property, you might not want the hassle of managing it. Our Property Management Service oversees the daily operations of your properties, as well as your portfolio.
  • Conveyancing and contracts: When you purchase an investment property, our Property Advisor connects you with our conveyancing and contract experts. This ensures that building your portfolio is a stress-free experience.
  • Mortgage broking: Qualified mortgage brokers work with your Property Strategist to help structure your finances and find the best loans for your situation.

7 Popular strategies for property investment

There are many different avenues to property investment, so let’s look at some of the more popular options. These include owning the family home, buying a property for its capital gains rather than additional income, as well as negative gearing, subdivisions and more. Our Property Investment Advisor helps you decide which option or options are best for your portfolio.

  1. Home ownership: This is the most common way most Australians enter the property market. They buy their own home, renovate over the years, maybe upgrade to a larger home or better location, and rely on capital gains to increase their equity. It’s unlikely that you’ll need a Property Advisor for this type of investment, not until you decide to create a portfolio of properties.
  2. Capital growth: This is where you buy and hold an investment property, not necessarily for the rental income, more for the expected increase in value (capital growth). This is a long term strategy that lends itself well to properties in growth areas and can be selected with the help of our Property Investment Advisor in Melbourne or Sydney.
  3. Additional income: This is where you purchase a property more for its rental income than capital growth. Your priority is to generate a passive income so the rent more than covers the expenses. These investments are often in the city or close to universities where rentals are in high demand. However, they’re often tricky to find which is why a Property Advisor is an essential part of your investment team.
  4. Subdivisions: This is where you subdivide one plot of land into two or more titles. Income can be achieved from selling one or more of the titles, whether with existing properties, as undeveloped land or when development is completed. Our Property Strategist can help you decide whether this option suits your financial goals.
  5. Negative gearing: This option is extremely popular in Australia and is where the expenses of the property outweigh its income. This means you’re out of pocket but can claim these additional expenses via your tax. This strategy does not provide a passive income but relies on capital growth when the property is eventually sold. Our Property Advisor can help you select the best negatively geared properties for your portfolio.
  6. Second dwellings: This is where you build a second property on one title or split one home into two separate dwellings. You can rent out both dwellings or live in one and rent the other. It’s a profitable option and is a great way to increase the rental yield from a single plot of land. A Property Strategist can help you decide whether this type of option is a suitable addition to your portfolio, given your financial goals.
  7. Property funds: This is where you invest your money into a managed fund that invests in property. It’s a very hands-off approach that attracts people who don’t want to bother with buying and selling property. Our Property Investment Consultant will help you navigate this option if it suits your financial strategy.

Other strategies include buying off the plan, flipping, renovating and selling, partnerships, new developments, commercial real estate, house and land packages, rezoning and much more!

How to contact a Property Investment Advisor in Melbourne or Sydney

As you can see from this post, there are lots of options for investing in property. However, knowing which option or combination of options is best for you can be overwhelming and intimidating.

That’s where Maple Property Group comes into the picture because our Property Investment Advisor helps you navigate your way through all these decisions. We help you create a financial plan that achieves your goals and provides for your future. Whether that’s via capital growth, passive income or a combination of these strategies, we can help!

Call Maple Property Group on 1300 039 376 or book an appointment online and ask us for an obligation-free consultation with one of our talented Property Investment Consultants.